SQLiteManager 3.8.0

Manage your SQLite databases more effectively

SQLiteManager is a database manager for SQLite databases. You can manage any SQLite database created on any platform with SQLiteManager. SQLiteManager displays an entire database in one window.

Many operations do display dialog boxes to complete, but the main browsing and manipulation functions all happen in one window. The main window has a tab panel that takes you to Design, Manage, and SQL panels. From here, the Design panel lets you browse the objects in your database.

Features of SQLiteManager:

  • SQLite2 and SQLite3 support
  • Browse tables, views, and indexes
  • Add and drop columns from existing tables
  • Create new tables, views, indexes
  • Drop tables, views, indexes
  • Manage tables by inserting, editing, and deleting records
  • Type arbitrary SQL and see the results of queries
  • Save SQL
  • Ability to convert SQLite 2 databases to SQLite 3
  • ReportGenerator classes you can add to your project
  • Create reports with flexible report templates
  • Report generation can actually be used to export data in just about any format you can imagine
  • Import and export data to/from CSV and tab-delimited formats

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SQLiteManager 3.8.0

User reviews about SQLiteManager

  • by Anonymous

    I use database and this database is SQLite. I open for database.
    Pros: Work Fast
    Cons: open data...   More

  • by Anonymous

    dont even bother to try it..
    Really Bad limits set on the demo... dont even bother to try it..   More